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Syringes Catalogue

They are available in 5, 8, 10 and 40 cc., with a huge variety of cannula which form into one body with the syringe. They are suitable for any kind of product: liquid, paste or gel.
They are indicated to allow a controlled and precise dosage of creams, gels, lubricants, adhesives, sealers, inks, additives, abrasives, etc.
They are made of low and high density Polyethylene, as well as of Polypropylene (non toxic materials).

They are stamped by serigraphy methods.
They have a graduated scale printed by the hot stamping system or by tampography according to the client¹s necessities.

We provide our syringes to:

-Veterinary laboratories for antimastitis, antiparasitic and nourishing treatments.

-Plaguicide laboratories for insecticide products.

-Odontological laboratories

-Industries for adhesives.

  US$ /unit
Syringe A-05-P2   0.072

Maximum capacity: 5 cc
Cannula: 14 mm
Simple Cap (T1)
Cannula exit orifice: 1.5 mm. (diameter)

Syringe A-10-P2/P3 0.092

Maximum capacity: 10 cc                                  
Cannula P2: 14 mm
Cannula P3: 22 mm                           
(t1) Simple cap
(t2) Double cap

Syringe A-10-P4.5 0.095

Maximum capacity: 10 cc
Cannula: 4,5 mm diameter

Syringe transparent A-10-P2/P3 0.095

Maximum capacity: 10 cc    
Cannula p2: 14 mm
Cannula p3: 22 mm

Syringe A-08-P0 0.260

Maximum capacity: 8 cc
Without cannula
Cannula exit orifice same size as the barrel diameter

Syringe A-08-P2,5 0.260

Maximum capacity: 8 cc
Without cannula
Cannula exit orifice 2,5 mm

Syringe A-08-P3 0.260

Maximum capacity: 8 cc
Cannula: 22 mm

Dose Syringe A-40-P3 0.270

Maximum capacity:  40 cc
Cannula: 22 mm
Diameter: 1,7 mm

Dose Syringe A-40-P4 0.270

Maximum capacity: 40 cc
Cánnula: 33mm
Diameter: 4,5 mm

Serigraphy impression 0.013

Tariff Classification: 901831

Prices indicated above are in US dollars, FOB BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, incoterms 2000, per unit.

Time of delivery: 10 days since we receive the purchase order
Payment Terms: Payable by irrevocable and confirmed L/C opened by the client with a reputable bank of our choice.

Minimum orders:  5.000 USD (American Dollars)
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