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Address 304,Mohan place,LSL,Block-C,Saraswati Vihar
Delhi, Delhi, India.
Zip / Postal Code 110034
Telephone 011-47511000
Fax 27023256
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Website www.akums.in
Description About Us:
AKUMS DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED; Haridwar, Uttaranchal (India) was established & formed in the year 2004 by Shri D.C. Jain, Shri Sanjeev Jain & Shri Sandeep Jain, the Promoter Director. Mr.D.C. Jain is a well knit combination of a professional, entrepreneur and Industrialist.

Mr. D.C. Jain had been President of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and has over three decades of experience as top Executive and Industrialist.His experience includes Manufacturing & Marketing of Pharmaceutical Formulations.

Company started with the small capital of Rs. 11.75 millions and in a short span of time, the shareholders fund has grown to Rs. 1246.45 millions.

During the financial year 2004-2005, the Company purchased land, arranged funds, constructed buildin.3gs, installed machines, engaged technical persons, made arrangements for Water, Power, Effluent Treatment, obtained pollution control licenses, Drugs Manufacturing Licenses, etc. got the manufacturing facilities approved from various big pharma companies, obtained orders, made trial runs and came into commercial production in the year of its incorporation.

There are problems for persons who are first start ups; but satisfaction is great. Company could see the "Plan" converted into "Plant" in its first year. "Plant" sown could turn into a "Tree" and started giving "Fruits", in the year of Incorporation.

After incorporation in the year 2004, Company obtained necessary Licenses, Permissions and Approvals from Government and Commenced Productions in the same year of Incorporation. Akums started its Plant No. 1 with manufacturing Tablets and Capsules in both Beta & Non Beta Lactum Sections.

Quality products, timely delivery, reasonable prices, transparency and honesty in dealings made Akums a popular manufacturing company amongst multinational and big pharmaceutical houses of India & abroad.

Company developed a good customer base with limited dosage form of Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups and Liquid Orals. The demand from its valued customers for good quality injections, ear/eye drops, Low RH Preparations like Clavulanic acid, powder in sachets, soft gelatin capsule, FFS Technology based preparations, pre-filled Syringes lead to the expansion of its existing capacities and diversification into other dosage forms . Two new facilities of International Standards were therefore set up and became operational in 2007-2008. Setting of a project is not a one man show but the total accomplishment had been a result of excellent team work of all the personnel working with Akums.

AKUMS is professionally managed by the Board of Directors which is assisted by a team of Qualified and experienced professional executives. The intelligence, imagination, knowledge, education and experience of the promoters create the mission for the organization and it is the wisdom and effectiveness of the corporate personnel which translates their vision into reality and converts the resources into results. Akums' Team of People, Work with Dedication, Diligence, Devotion, Determination, Dynamism, Discipline and Direction.

The Promoters had a vision: an idea of setting up a project where none other existed. Selection of products, selection of area of tax free zone, selection of best buyers, likely future demand of the products which were required to be tapped; and the limited resources were to be converted into desired success.

The Firmness, the determination, goal achieving, resolution to start factory production in the first year itself, required a demonstration in the face of adversity. There were many uncertainties, non-availability of Industrial Infrastructure, Raw Material, Market , unsafe roads up to Haridwar, undeveloped land, power scarcity, poor tele-communication systems, eratic Transport Facilities, non availability of skilled or unskilled personnel & approach road.

The Promoters exercised their sense of adventure, vision, passion, creativity, courage, endurance, originality, integrity and a life time hard work, with the team of his people for the accomplishment of the task .

Products :
Akums is a life Healthcare science Company; manufactures wide range of pharmaceuticals formulations like Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Liquid Orals, Dry Syrups, Injectables (Dry/Liquid),Small Volume Parenterals, Eye / Ear Drops in FFS Pack, Pre-Filled Syringes etc.

The company is into contract manufacturing for more than 200 leading National & Multinational Pharmaceuticals Companies, on third party /loan license & P to P basis. At present AKUMS manufactures more than 13000 products with about 3500 different formulations.

Akums manufactures medicines covering almost all ailments,like; Anti-malarial, Analgesics, Anti-diabetics, Gastro-instestinals, Anti-allergic, Cough & cold preparations, Food Preparations, HIV Drugs, Antibiotics, Sedatives, Tranquilizers, Anti-amoebics, Anti-diarrheal, Vitamins, Corticosteroids, Anti-ulcerants ond other Life saving medicines.

In a short span of time, AKUMS has become the Icon of India's Healthcare Industry and a Quality Pharma Manufacturer of the Country; with Global Vision. The presence of the products manufactured by Akums is so significant that there must be hardly any pharmacy in the country, where some products manufactured by AKUMS are not available.

All most all the Ailments are covered by the products manufactured by the Company
Anti-malarial Anti-amoebics
Analgesics Anti-diarrhea
Anti-diabetics Pain Killers
Gastro-instestinals Vitamins
Anti-allergic Corticosteroids
Cough & cold preparations Sedatives
Food Preparations Anti-Ulcerants
Life saving medicines Antibiotics,
Tranquilizers Antipyretics
Anti-bacterial And Others
Anti-Aids (HIV+)
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