Vaccination Schedule For Dogs

M.A. Lateef Khan

This Information is Compiled by Dr. M.A. Lateef Khan M.V.Sc.for the diagnosis and treatment of some common ailments in dogs with the latest products available in market.

Disease Primary
First Booster
Further Booster
DISTEMPER 7 to 9 Weeks 12 to 14 weeks age Every Year
HEPATITIS -Do- -Do- -Do-
ADINOVIRUS 4 th Week 8 - 12 Weeks -Do-
PARVOVIRUS 4 th Week 8 - 12 Weeks -Do-
PARAINFLUENZA 4 th Week 8 - 12 Weeks -Do-
RABIS 12 th Week 6 Months age -Do-
  Vaccine only Healthy dogs.
  Deworn and detick before Vaccination.
 Vaccinate in early morning hours or on evening hours.
 Advise the owner not to put the dog under stress(i.e Vigorous exercise) For 3 days after Vaccination.
 Advise the owner not to give a bath to the dog a day before and 3 days afterVaccination.
  Advise the owner not to feed the dog with heavy diet such as eggs, meat, beaf etc; and give only light feeds like bread,buiscuits,rice for 3 days after Vaccination.
Information and advice contained on this site is for your consideration only. Please consult your veterinarian for specific advice concerning the care and treatment of your pet.


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