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Indiagen Ltd  Launches Marketing  of  Bovine Frozen Semen


Jaipur July 19th/Jallandhar, July 21st/  Patna, June 23rd  2006/ Vijayawada July 26th: IndiaGen Limited (IGL), a joint venture breeding company established by the Indian Immunologicals Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of National Dairy Development Board and one of the top five animal health companies in India) in collaboration with USA’s largest cooperative owned animal breeding company, Cooperative Resources International (CRI), launched its Frozen Bovine Semen for commercial sales at a function today.

The Frozen Bovine Semen marketed by IGL is produced at the country’s two top ranking semen stations, Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala, Bidaj near Ahmedabad, and Animal Breeding Center, Salon, near Lucknow. In future, IGL also plans to source frozen semen of pedigreed and progeny tested bulls of exotic breeds such as Holstein Friesian and Jersey from USA to upgrade the Indian bovine gene pool.

This is for the first time that Frozen Bovine Semen would be marketed through a commercial trade channel in the country. So far, this has been the domain of Govt agencies, cooperatives and NGOs who had been providing AI services through their own net work. In fact, in line with its mission to provide high quality breeding and advisory services to dairy farmers at their door-step, IGL has also commenced its field AI operations a year back with its own net work of AI technicians across the country.
This commercial venture is expected to give a fillip to the acute demand-supply gap for quality frozen semen in the country.

Speaking at the launch function, Dr Panicker, the Managing Director of IGL stated that against an estimated future demand of more than 120 million doses, the current availability is only about 40 million doses. The demand has been growing with increased awareness among dairy farmers about the need to have livestock with better genetic potential.

The quality of available frozen semen is a matter of concern, with the conception rate in the country being only 25% as against international standard of nearly 50%. The genetic potential of bulls used as well as physical characteristics of the semen produced at most semen stations in India need considerable improvement. IGL is embarking on filling this void to some extent through commercial marketing of high quality Frozen Bovine Semen.
India Gen also has plans to increase the production of high quality frozen semen in the next few years to meet the growing demand, Dr Panicker added.

In addition to the popular breeds and cross breds such as Holstein Friesian, Jersey cows and Murrah buffaloes, IGL will also market semen of indigenous breeds such as Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Haryana, Gir and Kankrej cattle and Jaffrabadi Buffaloes, said Dr T Sreevardhana, General Manager of Indian Immunologicals Ltd, whose marketing network the IndiaGen will be using for commercial sale of frozen semen in India.