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Kemin launches new enzyme solutions to meet feed and production challenges

Seminars introduce complete line of enzyme solutions to increase nutrient utilization


CHENNAI, India – July, 1, 2014 –With risingraw material costs and pressure to increase production, poultry producers are charged with producing more from less.Kemin is pleased to launch a complete line of enzyme solutions, backed by scientific research, to enhance the utilizationof costly nutrients in poultry feed, thereby improving profitability. Itsthree new enzyme concepts - KEMZYME® XPF,NUTRIKEM™ XL PRO and KEMZYME® PROTEASE - were introduced by Kemin experts to industry representatives, including poultry farmers and feed millers, at Karnal and Gurgaon, India on June 9-10.




To begin the seminars,Mr.Samraj Jeyachandran, Senior Vice Presidentof Kemin Industries’ animal nutrition and health division, discussed the company’s latest innovations aimed at improving the quality of life throughthe enhanced availability of animal protein. In addition, Mr. Jeyachandranprovided insights on the different products and services of Kemin, and detailed how the companyapproaches product quality through three stages:product development, manufacturing and product application.

Following his opening address, Dr.Monika Bieber, KeminWorldwideGlobal Product Manager for enzymes, shared the benefits of KEMZYME® XPF, anew multi-enzyme containing both slow release amylase to improve starch digestion and xylanase potentiating factor to enhance the digestion of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP).

Dr. Bieber said that fiber degradation and carbohydrate digestion is essential for proper nutrient utilization. She explained that complex feed, a mixture of polysaccharides, fat, protein and amino acids,contains more than 20 percent of nutrients in the form of NSP, resulting in undigested starch and proteins.In cereal grains,approximately 30 percent of nutrients are entrapped in the outer cell wall, which obstructs the complete utilization of nutrients.







Furthermore, Dr. Bieber discussed how to improve protein digestibility, emphasizing the role of multi proteases and enteric proteases in enhancing the digestion of expensive feed nutrientsthrough KEMZYME® PROTEASE.

“Feed is the most expensivecomponent in livestock and poultry production,representing 70–80 percent of total expenses,” saidDr. Bieber. “To save on costs, manyproducers supplement feed with enzyme additives. KEMZYME XPF, NUTRIKEM XL PRO and KEMZYME PROTEASE are solutions that completely satisfy the needs of poultry producers.”

In addition, she described NUTRIKEM™ XL PRO, a multi-tasking product that has the ability to utilize digestible nutrients and non-digestible, energy-rich components, such as NSP. Its unique matrix of lysophospholipids improves the absorption of digested nutrients, thereby preventing feedback inhibition of enzymes.


Lastly, Dr. Bieber reiteratedthat fiber degradation is important for improving energy utilization, adding that Kemin enzyme applicationsare effective, flexible and highly competitive.

In addition to discussing its new enzyme solutions, Kemin also presented its novel encapsulated anticoccidial product, COZANTE™,designed to improve intestinal health and control coccidiosis in broilers. Dr. R. Chanthirasekaran, Kemin Global Product Manager addressed the need for intestinal health management and effective measures to improve intestinal health of poultry. COZANTE is the latest addition to the company’s intensive range of solutions for intestinal health management.

“The last effective anticoccidial was launched in the early 1990s and drug resistance has developed for most current anticoccidials,” saidDr. R. Chanthirasekaran.“Therefore, the launch of COZANTE is indeed a majorstep forwardfor the industry.”

The interactive seminars, coined Kemin Kontact, engaged the audience and served as an information sharing platform for industry professionals to learn about the latest advancements for improving production.



















The audience listens intently during Kemin Industries’“Kemin Kontact” seminars June 9-10 in Karnal and Gurgaon, India.


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