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Kemin offers complete solution for Intestinal Health Management

For the first time, in almost two decades, Kemin introduces a new Anticoccidial to the industry to prevent one of the most endemic diseases of poultry.


<Chennai India> – May 2014

Intestinal health management is essential for ensuring better profits in Poultry farming. Maintaining intestinal integrity plays a vital role in improving intestinal health. The intestinal health however is influenced by various nutritional and pathological factors. Kemin offers two unique solutions to improve intestinal health to effectively maintain the villi health by ButiPEARL™and intestinal microbiotaby CLOSTAT™. ButiPEARL™ enables better villi health to ensure improved absorption of nutrients and CLOSTAT™ensures improved intestinal microbiota.

In addition to these factors, the intestinal integrity has to be maintained for ensuring health of the bird. Avian coccidiosis is a disease of significantimportance in poultry since it impacts birds’ health, and performance causing severe economic losses. The economic losses due to Coccidiosis have beento the tune of $3 billion worldwide due to decreased productivity in poultry (Dalloul and Lillehoj 2006; Williams 1999;). In Indian context, losses due to Poultry Coccidiosis have been estimated at INR 110 crores (A.K. Beraa et. al. 2010). According to A.K. Berra et. al 2010 , the broiler industry makes losses out of total losses due to Coccidiosis around 95.61%, whereas losses in the Layer is minimal. Their study on economic traits revealed that out of total Coccidiosis losses, 68% losses are due to reduction in body weight and 23% are due to increased feed conversion ratio.

Coccidiocis is caused byEimeria spp. that has direct life cycle and are strictly host specific. In case of Broilers the highest incidence is of E. tenella (48%), followed by E. Maxima (42%), E. brunetti (21%) and E. acervulina (12%). (VenkateswaraRao et al.). Coccidiosis prevention is through the use of anticoccidials in feed.Last effective anticoccidialwas introduced in year 1992. However drug resistance is common for current anticoccidials (Champman, 1997). Severe clinical outbreaks have been reported in recent past due to resistance issues of current anticoccidials.  The industry requires new and effective anticoccidial to fight with the menace of Coccidiosis.

Kemin Industries through intensive global research has come up with an effective solution COZANTEto control Coccidiosis in Broilers. COZANTE is the outcome of 4 years of intensive research in which more than 50 sources have been screened as active ingredient and efficacy of COZANTEhas been proved by more than 100 in vitro and in vivo trials across India and Europe. The results have been proven through both laboratory as well as commercial trials on broilers. Kemin’sCOZANTEisfound to have a positive impact on increased body weight, reduced FCR and improved coccidiosis control in broilers.

COZANTETM contains a polyphenol compound which is highly potent and effective against all three major Broiler Eimeria spp viz. Eimeria tennella, E. maxima and E. acervulina.

However, the presence of digestive juices and enzymes in the intestine, makes the delivery of the anticoccidial at the targeted places a more difficult one. To address this issue, Kemin has presented COZANTETMin Kemin’s patented technology of encapsulation in which the active ingredient of COZANTETMhas been mixed with the matrix. This ensures that COZANTETM’s active ingredient to be delivered at right place in right dosage. It has also been facilitated by different release boosters placed in the matrix of the product. This unique technology of encapsulation ensures that COZANTETM active ingredient’s delivery at duodenum to control E. acervulina, in mid intestine to control E. maxima and in the distal portion of the intestine i.e. ceca to control caecal coccidiosis caused by E. tenella.

For more information on the COZANTE or our Intestinal Health Management program, contact Dr.PrakashSaini at [email protected] or 044-42202844.

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