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Curry leaf powder – a promising spice ingredient for value added chicken products

Division of Livestock Products Technology
Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (U.P) - 243 122


Curry leaves are traditionally used in Indian culinary practices for enhancing flavour. The reported benefits of curry leaf include: as antioxidant results better keeping quality of meat products; improves flavour of meat products; considered tonic, stomachic and carminative; contains about 16% protein on dry basis; good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron; contributes Vit A, B-6 and Vit-C; posses wound healing and other medicinal properties and economical in cost as spice. Experiments were conducted to standardize method of drying of curry leaves to produce dried powder and evaluate the level of incorporation in emulsion based chicken products such as chicken nuggets, patties, kababs and Idlis. Deboned meat and byproducts were sourced from broiler spent hens and cocks, market culled birds and broilers.

The studies indicated 0.2% level of incorporation in the formulation was appropriate with higher acceptability. However at 0.3% the products were found to have stronger curry leaf flavour, which could be liked by consumers having special preference for the unique flavour of curry leaf. However, at higher levels greenish tinge attribute to products could be a disadvantage. Curry leaf powder (CLP) with Degimirch improved appearance, texture and overall palatability of chicken nuggets. The flavour retention of cooked products on storage was found to be better with curry leaf powder. Chicken nuggets with CLP were sold to consumers and asked to indicate their preference by tick marking appropriate term from- very poor to excellent. Of the 50 consumers the ratings were: Excellent 16(32%), Very good 29 (58%), Good 3 (6%), Satisfactory 2 (4%), Poor 0 and Very Poor 0. Thus 90% consumers rated excellent and very good indicating curry leaf powder is highly acceptable as spice ingredient for the value added chicken products.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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