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Influence of different binders on the quality of spent chicken meat patties

NATP Research Project, Department of Livestock Products Technology
College of Vety. Science, Tirupati - 517 502


The effect of inclusion of bengal gram flour and pea flour each separately at 5 and 10 % levels on the physical, physico-chemical and sensory quality of chicken meat patties from spent chicken meat were studied. Chicken meat patties prepared with 10% pea flour had recorded significantly (p<0.05) lower percent cooking loss, (9.46%) higher emulsion stability (2.25%) and higher water holding capacity (WHC) (64.35%) than those patties added with pea flour at 5% level and bengal gram flour at 5 and 10 percent levels. Chicken meat patties prepared with partially cooked meat recorded significantly (p<0.05) lower cooking losses (4.26%), higher emulsion stability (0.93%) and lower water holding capacity (60.89%) than those of raw chicken meat patties. Addition of 10% pea flour resulted in significantly (p<0.05) lower percent moisture and crude protein (35.41 & 28.03%) than the rest of the formulations. Partially cooked chicken meat patties recorded significantly (p<0.05) lower moisture, higher crude protein and higher ether extractives (36.59, 33.33 &28.59%) than those of raw chicken meat patties. The patties of 10 % pea flour recorded superior sensory scores for color, flavor, juiciness and overall acceptability than the rest. Patties prepared with partially cooked meat scored lower organoleptic scores than their raw counter parts.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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