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Effect of calcium chloride as a salt replacer on the quality of chicken meat emulsion

Department of Livestock Products Technology
Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana - 141 004


The demand for low salt meat products is increasing day by day by the health conscious meat consumers. Meat emulsion as the base material is used to develop a number of value added processed meat products. The quality of the read-to-eat poultry meat products depends upon the quality of the raw meat emulsion. Keeping this in view, calcium chloride was replaced with sodium chloride (control = 2% NaCl, T 1 = 0.5% Cacl 2 + 1.5% NaCl, T 2 = 1.0% CaCl 2 + 1.0% NaCl and T 3 = 1.5% CaCl 2 + 0.5% NaCl). While preparing the chicken meat emulsion (CME) from the deboned meat of adult spent WLH cocks ready-to-cook carcasses and the quality of CME was examined. It was found out that there was no significant (P>0.05) difference in pH between control and T 1 samples, but it was significantly (P<0.05) decreased in T2 and T3 samples. There was a significant (P<0.05) decrease in emulsion stability in all the treated (T 1, T 2, T 3) samples as compared to their control counterpart, but without any significant (P>0.05) difference among the treated samples. As the CaCl 2 level increased from T 1 to T 3, there was a linear decrease in water holding capacity % of the meat emulsion. There was a significant decrease in salt extractable proteins % of the CME in T 2 and T 3 samples whereas no significant difference was observed between T 1 sample and control batch. It is concluded that CaCl 2 can be used as a salt replacer at 0.5% level while preparing CME without much affecting its quality.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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