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Comparison of three broiler commercial stocks for meat quality traits

Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding
PAU, Ludhiana


Fourteen 5-week old broilers from stocks A and B and 12 from IBL-80 and twenty two, 7-week old broilers from each of these three stocks were sacrificed for the comparative evaluation of the meat quality traits. Percent cook release volume of all the cut-up parts was highest in stock B except for wings at 5 weeks of age. IBL-80 released higher volume for neck, back, breast and thigh regions than the other two stocks at 7 weeks of age. Water-holding capacity was found to be higher for neck, back, thighs and drumsticks regions in IBL-80 birds at 5 weeks except for wing and breast where stock A had higher values. At 7 weeks of age, back and drumsticks of IBL-80; wings, neck and thigh of stock A had greater water-holding capacity than the other two stocks. Sensory analysis of cooked meat of cut-up parts revealed that breast portion had better overall acceptability for IBL-80 at 5 weeks and for stock A at 7 weeks. Thigh portion of IBL-80 and drumsticks of stock A had the higher overall acceptability of meat both at 5 and 7 weeks of age than the other two stocks.

Source : IPSACON-2005
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