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While browsing internet I came to know about this site(poulvet.com). I have gone through some of the articles posted. Thanks for posting two of my articles. This site is terrific and very much useful to the poultry industry. All the best

Dr M.R.Reddy, BVSC., MVSc, PhD (Australia), MACVS (poultry health)
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I have wonderful experience and got more information on Dairy farm. Excellent training,and response.

Sager Bangalore
hi; Your article on poultry layer farm management is superb. Pls l need you to convert the pricing into dollar, l dont understand your currency. Tnks.

Iam chinedu from Nigeria. My number is +2348033222275.
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Dear Mr Raghu ; The Training on Poultry Farming ( Broiler ) was very interactive, informative, simple and easy to understand, had a great experience with your Doctor Sir. He has an in depth expertise not only in poultry but other related fields. I am fortunate to trained under such an able tutelage, which would place me edge above as an entrepreneur. The best part is, you also get online & offline tips for further enhancement. Thanks & Regards

Iam Manojj from Hyderabad
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HI, I attended a training session of EMU Farm and it was a great learning experience. The details provided for starting an Emu farm did give me a better understanding of this business and would help me in chalking out my further steps. They have best to explain me the details and the Farm visit cleared most of my doubts.

Pramodh Sampath Hyderabad.Date.21st.April 2011
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